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Mini Lesson - Agile performance management

October 21, 2020 Pia-Maria Thorén

with Pia-Maria Thorén, Agile People

If you would like to deep dive further into Agile Performance Management we can recommend these blogs written by Pia-Maria on the topic:

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Pia-Maria Thorén

Pia-Maria is an international authority and speaker on Agile leadership and Agile HR. She is an Inspirational Director and founder of Agile People also an author of Agile People - A Radical Approach for HR and Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees). Agile People is a global network of people who work to improve workplaces by helping HR and leaders to attain an agile mindset for the future of work by using agile tools, methods, values, and principles. Pia-Maria specialises in helping companies move towards a culture of increased agility through Agile HR, Agile leadership and Motivation.

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Mini lesson - The Agile HR organisation

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